The group has been meeting weekly for over a year and has had 100's of members participate. We welcome all who attend and provide a safe place to share about your mental health.

ShareYourBlues: A safe place to share

Yes, it is free, and through the gracious donation of space from the St. Mark's church we are able to hold the support group. ShareYourBlues is not affiliated with any outside organization or entity. 

Is it free?

Our group is personal but very welcoming to anyone who is new. The average group size is about ten people with a mix of ages, sex, and race. We suggest members to be over 18 to attend.



Is it personal?

Support Group

Weekly Support Group


I'm sorry to report that ShareYourBlues is
any longer due to limited attendance and after four years of running the group, I can no longer make the commitment to open the group every week and manage all the calls and support needed to maintain the group. I'm sorry for ending the group, but not sorry for supporting 100's of people who came through the door over the last four years. God Bless!